Water Yuludarla

"Water Yuludarla" is about the generational connection between the Gumbaynggirr peoples and the waters and lands of this area. A river winds its way across border with my ancestors from the centre, radiates out, my family symbol. This speaks of taking spirit from home out into the wider world.

Brentyn Lugnan | Artist


Water Yuludarla Collection

Ontera’s collaboration with Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance and the National Aboriginal Design Agency, has resulted in the development of the “Water Yuludarla” commercial carpet collection. “Water Yuludarla” is a contemporary interpretation, based on the artwork of Gumbaynggirr artist, Brentyn Lugnan.

Inspired by the many elements of Brentyn’s original artwork, each of the six designs in the collection signify a connection to both the land and people of the Urunga region – past, current and future. The designs and colourways in the “Water Yuludarla” collection are envisioned for use across multiple market segments and spaces.

National Aboriginal Design Agency - a social enterprise owned and run by the Saltwater and Freshwater Arts Alliance.

Yildaan (Dreaming Track) in Ochre

Brick (Horizontal) Installation

Guluuna (Rain) in Oceanic

Brick (Horizontal) Installation

Jagun (Birthplace) and Mayala (Moving) in Bark

Brick (Horizontal) Installation
JAG94-59 & MAY94-59

Bindarray (River) in Blush

Brick (Horizontal) Installation

Mayala (Moving) in Ash

Brick (Horizontal) Installation

Guluuna (Rain) in Bark

Brick (Horizontal) Installation

Water Yuludarla in Cool Colourway

6 × 4 TL (24 tiles)
Also available: 8 × 12 TL (96 tiles)

Mayala (Moving) in Fern and Charcoal

Brick (Horizontal) Installation
MAY141-180 & MAY6-133

  • Brentyn Lugnan | Artist

    Brentyn is a featured Gumbaynggirr artist who works with the Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance and National Aboriginal Design Agency (a social enterprise of Saltwater Freshwater). He shares his insights and meaningful story behind his artwork for Ontera and the development of the “Water Yuludarla” collection.

  • James Mfula | Ontera Design Manager

    James is an innovative and artistic designer with the ability to push the boundaries of design to produce inspirational, coherent and functional products. Working collaboratively with Brentyn, James discusses the creative design process behind the global “Water Yuludarla” commercial collection.

Water Yuludarla | In Brentyn's Words

  • My name is Brentyn Lugnan. I am a Gumbaynggirr artist, from Urunga on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. I have been engaged by the National Aboriginal Design Agency to create an artwork to serve as the design inspiration for Ontera to develop a commercial carpet collection to highlight contemporary Aboriginal design.

    The artwork that I have created is titled “Water Yuludarla” (Water Dreaming).
    It describes my family, and my connection to my country. Currently my artwork is inspired by being back on my home country of Urunga and the Bellinger Valley, which is where my family is traditionally from. The name Urunga is derived from the Gumbaynggirr word Yurruun.ga referencing “long white sands” which represents the long sand spit from Urunga Island where the Bellinger and Kalang Rivers meet.

    My artworks are almost a reclamation of traditional Gumbaynggirr art. Unfortunately, much has been lost over the years due in many ways to the Red Rock massacres of the 1880’s and government intervention in our history – which included outlawing of spoken language and traditional and cultural practices. What I and other Goori artists from this region have endeavoured to do over recent years, is come up with a new and contemporary Gumbaynggirr style as a way of representing our country which gives a sense of identity and uniqueness.

    The Gumbaynggirr people are saltwater freshwater people. My intention for “Water Yuludarla” - and nearly all my artwork - is to represent these aspects in some way. In this artwork, you can see the river flowing through the middle and along the edges of the river are representations of people; my ancestors and all the people who came before us who were sustained and nourished by the river and everything it had to offer. In the middle you see my family symbol branching out to smaller family units. This shows that our Spirit comes from our connection to country, and this extends to our families. So as the family grows and spreads out we still take a piece of home with us. It's all about our connection to country, and how this is integral to Aboriginal people, their culture and their lives. The use of circles and dots has a high spiritual significance in this region as they were mainly used for body ornamentation, Corroboree and initiation. I use them to highlight how sacred the land is to us, and has been for so long.

    In “Water Yuludarla” there is layer upon layer of connection to country.

    Yarri yarrang (Bye)

Water Yuludarla | Featured Artwork Tile Format

The featured artwork tile format was re-created from Brentyn Lugnan’s original “Water Yuludarla” artwork and can be placed in impactful interior spaces, complemented with other “Water Yuludarla” designs.

Standard sizes include:
6 × 4 TL (24 tiles) and 8 × 12 TL (96 tiles) | Monolithic Installation
Custom sizes are available by request.

For defined layout methods please visit ontera.com.au

  • Water Yuludarla | Cool Colourway
    Available in 6 × 4 TL (24 tiles) | 8 × 12 TL (96 tiles)

  • Water Yuludarla | Warm Colourway
    Available in 6 × 4 TL (24 tiles) | 8 × 12 TL (96 tiles)

Aboriginal Acknowledgement

  • Indigenous Engagement
    Ontera is doing good with our Indigenous Engagement Program by actively supporting Indigenous communities.

    Our program includes:

    • Provision of carpet for indigenous communities and projects
    • Training on carpet installation
    • Promotion of indigenous design
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    Ontera would like to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia’s First People and Traditional Custodians. We value their cultures, identities, and continuing connection to country, waters, kin and community. Ontera pay our respects to Elders past and present and are committed to making a positive contribution to the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, by providing products and a work environment that are welcoming, safe, culturally appropriate and inclusive.

Dr Steve Burroughs Chair from the DSB Foundation, Matt Cooper and Damon Bennett from Ontera joined forces in bettering an Aboriginal community and school facility in Yakanarra (WA) by installing our new “Water Yuludarla” collection.

“I am writing on behalf of the community and school to say a massive thank you to you and the team for your efforts. A tiny Indigenous community like Yakanarra rarely see's such dedication and kindness from the outside world toward bettering our school and its facilities - THANK YOU!” Andy Reed, Yakanarra School.

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