Design For Good



Understanding Design For Good

Milliken is our parent company and is driven by three core values: Ethics | Excellence | Leadership.

From this commitment to our core values, the 'Doing Good' concept was developed and evolved to 'Design for Good' in the Australia and New Zealand markets.

  • It's Beyond Aesthetics
  • It's Having a Positive & Healthy Impact with What We Do
  • It's Forging a Culture
  • It's Offering Customers More Than Just a Product


Ontera’s culture is supported by the Milliken culture... Doing Good!

Doing good transcends into multiple areas of our business. It’s about doing good for our staff, our customers, the communities we live in. It’s about ensuring the products we produce can do good for their final purpose.

This is where Design for Good concept became reality. It was developed and embedded into the Ontera culture to ensure we provide the best possible outcome for our customers and the occupants of the spaces we are providing carpet flooring for.


  • Good for Health & Wellbeing

    • Ontera open cell cushion backing improves underfoot comfort and reduces muscle fatigue by up to 24%.

  • Good for the Environment

    • Ontera offers full environmental transparency. The WellBAC backing system is PVC-Free, 3rd party verified Red-List Free and utilises both post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content.

  • Good for Productivity

    • Improves acoustics by up to 50% with Ontera cushion backings.

Doing Good in Our Products

It is one thing to create and market carpet, yet it’s another thing to truly understand and provide a positive impact, with environmental and sustainable benefits, in what we design and the purpose it serves.

At Ontera, we have a holistic approach in designing our products. The more we understand the environment that we are designing for, the better we can apply the “Design for Good” concept and deliver on our clients’ needs and expectations.

Ontera WellBACTM range of carpet tile backing systems is a pro-active example of how we are evolving and designing with a conscious mind to health and wellness and our surrounding environments.

We are also committed to the environment and sustainability - ensuring our product ingredients are harmless to the environment and our manufacturing staff. Our products are PVC free and we are transparent with our material ingredients.

Being part of the Milliken family, we are privy to environmental and health associations and one of those is the Well Living Lab. Milliken is an International founding member for the Well Living Lab, where Ontera is closely engaged with them to research how we can improve health and wellness through our products.



Ontera supports programs that advance our communities, further education and protect our natural resources. We have been pro-active in our local communities in ‘Doing Good’ from donating carpet flooring in the education sector to providing training to under privilege communities and children.

Be Centre

Child Centre Play Therapy
Warriewood, NSW

Donated 350m2 of Consequence Collection Sequence Design, Doppler Colourway.

Mana College School

Wellington, NZ

Diverted from landfill and 2200m2 of carpet was donated to the College.

Yura Yungi Medical service

Aboriginal Ccorporation (YYMS)

Halls Creek, WA

Donated 100mof Formwork Collection.

Giant Steps Australia

Gladesville, NSW

Donated 100m2 of Formwork Collection Pitch, Chartreus, Aegean Colourway.


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